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Hazardous Drug Repackaging

UDose offers a safe, accurate cost-effective, and high-quality method for pharmaceutical repackaging. Outsourcing unit-dose pharmaceutical repackaging can help reduce the additional labor of in-house packaging and eliminate the expense of costly packaging equipment, packaging materials, and help protect your staff and patients from unnecessary contact with hazzardous products.

Commercial Products

Save time and money with outsourced pharmaceutical repackaging

Hospital pharmacists devote time and resources to their patients. Our UDose repackaging product line reduces the challenging and time-consuming tasks of packaging medications inside the pharmacy. We have a large portfolio of unit dose packaging formats and configurations to help institutional pharmacies develop a comprehensive unit-dose packaging strategy.



Liquid Cups

Solid Single Pill Pack

Oral Liquid Syringes

UDose™ Repackaging Services

Udose™ repackaging services help improve pharmacy operations while also reducing drug and in-house packaging costs.

You can trust on us to provide unit dose packaging solutions that fit your needs.

The Benefits of UDose™ Products

Budget Savings

Our portfolio includes several unit dose products that provide cost-savings for pharmacies. These products open up hospital budgets for other needs.

Time Savings

The inclusion of controls in our portfolio represents our dedication to helping hospital pharmacies save time. Often, repackaging of controls requires pharmacists’ oversight which means added expense of time and money.


UDose Controls

Many of our unit dose controls are not available in unit dose form by the manufacturers. Phenobarbital, Promethazine with Codeine, and Acetaminophen with Codeine are just a few examples of products our customers purchase for that very reason.



With five distribution centers throughout the country, our products are in stock and usually ship on the same day you order.


New Arrivals

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Strength: EFG
Dose: 12

Quality & Compliance

The packaging and labeling of UDose products stringently adhere to industry policies, procedures, and quality principles. UDose products are in compliance with all State laws and the regulations stipulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.